Brody jenner dating jayde

11-Dec-2017 14:32

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No doubt, it irritates TV reality shows star when everybody who interviews him always asks about his popular relative.

Jayde Nicole gave the cameras a smile yesterday while strutting around Los Angeles, looking every bit the star in a striped cardigan and super short shorts.

The guy who was born as Sam Brody Jenner on August, 21, 1983 in Los Angeles has become popular as Brody Jenner, a TV star, young producer and a reality show hero. His parents are Bruce Jenner- a former athlete, Olympic champion and a TV person now and Linda Thompson – a USA songwriter and popular actress, and Kim Kardashian is his stepsister.

As Kim, Brody Jenner also started as a model, and in 2005 appeared at The Princes of Malibu reality TV show.

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Jenner reportedly had to carry her out of the club and take care of her the next day.Haylie Duff was a “Summer 2007 affair”, and Brody denies he was Paris Hilton lover in 2008.