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Everything turns me on and I am very curious when it comes to sex so I love new experiences. I can be very severe, strict and commanding, yet beautiful, sensuous and stunning.But there is A Domina side of me that tends to take control and gets men to submit. Captivating, intelligent, sexy and dominant, I am a refined shemale who takes great pleasure in bringing out your hidden desires.To break it down as simply as we can, Arlo shoots in basic but acceptable 720p and takes those weird batteries that are like an AA sawn in half.• Arlo Pro adds a more convenient, rechargeable battery, a wider viewing angle, 2-way conversation and a 100db siren which you can trigger to send Hamburglar scurrying on his way (it does need you to fire it off though, unlike a proper burglar alarm).It's wired (although a battery pack is available), and as it's weatherproof it can technically be used outdoors. There are a number of other very good smart security camera options, but another one that stands out is the Hive View.Not for its features which, to be honest, are pretty basic but for the fact that it actually looks quite boldly stylish rather than just resembling a small CCTV camera or an eye on a plinth, as all its rivals do.

Although what you see streamed to your phone is dependent on the speed of connection, the footage stored in the cloud and/or on the device itself will be at the full quality.

Some cameras have two-way communication, which is very useful if you're using it to keep an eye on kids ("Put my best wine glasses DOWN, Jeremy! If the camera is indoors, there also won't be a deterrent effect, and if it's outdoors, legally speaking, you need to alert passers by to the fact they are on camera.

However, you may feel having a smart camera, without the high monthly cost of a proper anti-intrusion system, gives you peace of mind for not much cash.

They're significantly more affordable however, and can be incredibly useful if you've got an elderly relative or pet you want to know is safe, even if you're at work, or away on holiday.

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At the tap of a button, smart cameras let you see what's going on in your house.

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