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With the support of the EPS President Luisa Cifarelli, an important milestone occurred in September 2011 when the Italian Physical Society and EPS organized in Varenna, Italy, the Passion for Light launch meeting for IYL 2015, where representatives of UNESCO and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (UNESCO-ICTP) were present, both to learn more about our plans and to show their support.This was the essential step that brought the guidance and experience of UNESCO’s International Basic Science Programme to the proposal.This year, the NYAFF is preceded by events at city-wide locations to celebrate its milestone 25th!

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The first step to successfully achieve the proclamation of the International Year was to work through UNESCO to prepare and submit a resolution to the UN General Assembly.

We also celebrate the centennial and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

As in previous years, the festival program will include screenings and discussions with filmmakers and artists, panels, master classes and an art exhibit.

The place used to be known as “sarai” which means a resting place especially for the travelers in the Mughal era.

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The Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station is located in the North Delhi District.

The train connections in the station include the following:- The station mainly has trains that are from Haryana and Rajasthan. The railway station is located almost in Central Delhi.