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15-May-2018 03:40

So I offered her the best deal I could offer, two thousand dollars for the sword and 600 dollars to fuck her. Now I know there is some equestrian enthusiast in the area, but that type of clientele usually don’t make its way into my shop.After some strenuous convincing, she agreed and it was a smooth ride from there. I unleashed my wu tang style on her pink gash and she loved every single minute of it. There’s always a first time for everything I guess.Now, Derrick, I know you’re reading this cause I sent you a copy, but trust me man, you did the right thing breaking up with Kiley. And to show you there’s no hard feelings, I’m gonna up my offer that I made on the tape. When this little misses walks in carrying a whole lot of jacket.First, I asked her name and she told me her name was Mariah.You would not believe some of the things I’ve seen people try to sell me at this job. Lexie came into the shop with a gosh darn horse saddle.The price she wanted was crazy, so that wasn’t going to happen.When she told me she was short on cash and had only a few days to get this done I knew I had my way to her vagina. So I talked her into brass tacks and asked her how much her plane ticket costs, she said 300. Nina needed that money and I liked that watch, so we came to a mutual agreement about me cumming all over her face.Those titties were nice and my presumptions about Nina were right.

Note to self, don’t push a dumped girl, they go crazy and destroy things. I mean heck, she don’t even know me and she’s already wrecking my office!Here at the XXX Pawn Shop, we have tons of desperate chicks coming in trying to sell me crap, just cause they happen to be in a pickle.

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Huomaa kuitenkin, että HTML-5-sivuston version ominaisuudet ovat huomattavasti rajoitettummat (ei-optimaalista videon laatua tai mahdollisuutta viivästetyyn suoratoistoon).… continue reading »

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