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Before proceeding with the topic first we must understand "What is a Captcha code?

Most web sites have a Captcha validation in their sites. A Captcha code is simply a combination of some characters and numbers like "Alk13" or "a Tu2e P" etc. We use them for validating that the client browser window really has a human typing into it.

If you have used BASIC or Pascal or C before you got here, that's OK. There will be more on that subject in the next lesson. If you need a good book to follow along with the tutorials, the Profsr recommends the author: Evangelos Petroutsos.

But THE big difference is the Visual aspect of it where you work with windows and icons and pictures and multimedia. Before you start developing a Visual Basic 6 application you should be aware that some programming knowledge is useful.For example, I have absolutely no idea how a cricket game is played!In my defense, picture to yourself, if you can, that as I write this I see outside my window that there is a metre of fresh snow on the ground and the temperature is a windy -12 However, as a French-Canadian I do have a few things in common with you in that I am not an American either and I too have to get by with English as a second language.We will not be covering the fundamentals of programming as such - you should be familiar with the basic constructs such as the IF...

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Model State is a property of controller that is used for validating form in server side. For my solution I wanted something that behaved very similarly to the Win Forms Numeric Updown control.