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Friday, we dressed up in costumes as we played our show.Maybe Wednesday, take my little sister — she is 13 — trick-or-treating.I can speak forever on this, but there are people — and they are my friends as well — and I don’t mean any offense when I say this, but when you’re selling out venues everywhere else, and you don’t have original material, and you are just singing all covers, you are nothing more than a wedding cover band.I really wish and sincerely hope that they can get original material written for them; as an artist you want that for your artistry.

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Like for sure if you hear a new Bruno Mars song, you know that the top You Tuber musicians are going to do them, and they all fairly sound the same.The first person I saw on You Tube was David Choi, and it was an original song, and I was like, “This is amazing.” It was “That Girl,” and it was probably a big game changer for me. But like the candy pop like Katy Perry and stuff, but I know she is super talented and is a songwriter as well, or like Kesha or something, you know what I mean?